John Andrews

(Studio Make)

Dr Magda Minguzzi



14 February 2023

The STUDIO MAKE initiative is proud to announce that it will be building again this year! It begins a new project with NPO MASINYUSANE who has received funding to build a new premanufactured 80 SQM creche at Charles Duna Primary School. The vision for the new facility is to innovatively accommodate its progressive early childhood teaching practices! The NPO has done remarkable work in the Nelson Mandela Metro with its core vision to  create "opportunities for impoverished children and youth to get the best education possible"; and invests in "high impact education projects that empower the local community to uplift itself".
The creche will be designed and built by the studio during the course of the academic year 2023. The team is humbled to be working with the Masinyusane representatives Zola Mbusi (senior project manager), Zola Zulu (executive director) and co-founder Jim McKeown.  


Contact information
Mr John Andrews
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 078 531 2906