The curriculum of the Post Graduated Studies at the Nelson Mandela School of Architecture is based on Africa and Southern Africa architecture themes, related to settlements patterns, forms and structure. Particular attention will be given to coastal and the ocean sites.

The candidates should investigate the theoretical procedures, methods and techniques through which a project or a structure has been generated. Important role is given to the investigation of archival materials and historical elements necessary to understand and interpret the subject of the study.

Being architects, the investigation should be express using analytical drawings, interpretative diagrams, which accompanying the research text, and that should emphasize the compositional relations among the figures, the construction and the context.

It will be necessary investigate on the theory of architecture, in order to read and interpret the subject of the research in line with the contemporary architectural discourse.

Master’s and Ph.D. candidates are requested to develop an original research contribution. The final thesis must thus contribute to increase the knowledge in the candidate’s research field. Besides, it has to be coherent with the research topics developed in the Department where the Ph.D programme is carried out.

The Master’s and Ph.D programme at the Nelson Mandela  School of Architecture will provide different kind of learning activities which the candidate need to take part of including seminars and workshops.

These skills provide the Master’s and Ph.D. candidates with better opportunities of development in their research both in the academic field, and in public and private organizations.

Registration process

  • The expression of interest should be send by emailMr JP Basson together with a cv and brief text with the proposed theme of research.
  • The coordinators together with the secretary will guide the candidates to the registration process.
  • The registration process is open along the entire academic year, but to be registered on the same solar year it is necessary to consolidate the registration before April.
  • The decision to proceed with the registration of the candidates and the choice of theme of research is of the Post graduate Research Committee.



Prof. Paul Makasa

Research expertise: housing, urbanism, poverty alleviation, receding heritage (Traditional Construction Techniques).

Dr. Magda Minguzzi

Research expertise: architecture and urban composition, indigenous cultural heritage and landscape in the Eastern Cape (SA), engagement project.

Research Committee Members

Coordinators Master’s (Research) and Doctoral Programmes

  • Paul Makasa
  • Magda Minguzzi
  • Director of the School, Boban Varghese
  • HOD Department of Architectural Technology and Interior Design, 
  • HOD Department of Architecture, Andrew Palframan
  • Nicola Pannell


For more information contact Mr JP Basson or for general postgraduate information visit the NMU Postgraduate page.  

For more Information
Mr Jean-Pierre Basson
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 0415042244