Qualification Structure

The Department of Architecture’s professional architecture program is a two degree program. The first degree is a three year Bachelor of Architectural Studies Degree (BAS) followed by the two year Master of Architecture (Professional) Degree. (click on each programme for more information with regards to requirements and admisison requirements)

The first degree is a three year Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS).Once you have the BAS degree, should you decide not to proceed further, and once you have complied with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession’s (SACAP) practical training requirements, you can register as a Architectural Technologist.

The second degree is the two year Master of Architecture (Professional).Once you have the M Arch (Professional) degree and have complied with SACAP’s practical training requirements, you can register as a full Professional Architect. The admission requirements to the M Arch (Professional) are a BAS degree with 60% minimum for Design in the final year of the BAS degree, or approved equivalent.

The Department of Architecture has a history of active research and publication, much of it related to pertinent regional issues. Research areas have included:

  • Architectural conservation studies with an emphasis on the small towns and villages of the Eastern Province.
  • Studies of the design, location and procurement of rural schools in the Eastern Cape Province.
  • Studies of the design of traditional courts for the Eastern Cape.
  • Studies of coastal architecture and development including marinas.
  • Studies of urban development issues, including housing.
  • Studies of space syntax
  • Studies of creativity with particular reference to architectural design.
  • Studies of architectural computer usage.

The Department offers a Master of Architecture (Research). The admission requirement for this degree is a M Arch (Professional) or approved equivalent such as the old five year B Arch degree. The M Arch (Research) candidate is required to submit a research dissertation. This is subjected to internal and external evaluation. Supervision of the dissertation is provided by the Department.

The Department also offers a Doctor of Architecture (more information). Candidates must submit a doctoral thesis in order to comply with the requirements for this degree.

Bursaries are available for students registering for higher degrees.


Undergraduate Course Structure and Outline

Bachelor of Architectural Studies