The Department of Architecture hereby invites you to our annual Treatise Corobrik Virtual Function which will take place on Friday, 11 December at 15:00 via MS Teams. 

South End was a vibrant, diverse and thriving mixed community before implementation of the 1950 Group Areas Act under the apartheid regime. Forced removals implemented under the act, removed Coloured residents of South End to areas such as Gelvandale, Korsten, and Chetty. The Chinese people were moved to Kabega Park, Indians to Malabar and black people to townships such as New Brighton (  

Join us for the annual Milde McWilliams Memorial Lecture 2019 presented by Mphethi Morojele from MMA Design Studio. 
The competition involves the top M.Arch students from each of the Architectural Learning Sites in South Africa who present their treatise design work, in competition, at a national event in Johannesburg. The competition has been run annually  for over 30 years and is the premier competition event in the architectural academic calendar; with only one student named as the “COROBRIK STUDENT OF THE YEAR", each year. Competitions like this are won by individuals, and congratulations to Riaan for his exceptional commitment and hard work! As a young student though, his path has also been integrally shaped and supported by many people; among them, us, as lecturers and support staff. A hearty thank you and congratulations therefore, to all staff, in both Departments, of the School of Architecture. 
Archive Exhibition
The first-year on exhibition during the Archive Department exhibition 2013.
Urban Assembly 2013
The work of the first-year students showcased at the 2013 Urban Assembly.
Project A.R.C.E.E
Every year the second year architecture students embark on a photography project. For many students this is the first time that they work with a DSL camera. The outcome of the 2017 cohort was phenomenal. The introduction to photography was arranged in five categories. Capturing texture on campus, reflect on the aftermath of the devastating fire, exploring and experimenting with balloons and strawberries. The exhibition of the work is currently on at the Department of Architecture.
Student Work 2016
The work of our top 5th year students are uploaded under the student work section. It contains the Corobrik entry for 2016 and top three students. Be inspired! 
AfrikaBurn 2016


The 2nd year design class AA2 at the NMMU Department of Architecture has put together an installation for the AfrikaBurn arts festival.  The project aims to offer students to experience a hands on approach towards the learning of architecture and exposure to the SA arts culture. The architectural content explores the issue of separation and place in architecture.

The exhibition entitled PALLADIO AND THE MODERN shows the first two projects of the first year students just arrived from school with little experience in architectural drawings and building architectural models. 

Their dedicated commitment to the task given, 288 drawings and 144 models in total 432 exhibition pieces, forms part of a three year research program of 2013, 2014 and 2015 in architectural composition given by the Senior Lecturer Arch. Ernst Struwig, Dr. Magda Minguzzi and Arch. Jean-Pierre Basson.

Prize Giving

Annual School of Architecture Prize Giving will be held on Thursday, 14 April 2016 at 18:00 for 18:30.

The exhibition entitled AN INTERPRETATION OF INVISIBLE CITIES BY ITALO CALVINO shows a selection of collages realized by the first year students (2015, 2016) in the course of Architectural presentation technique in collaboration with Design 1.

Workshops 2016

The NMMU Department of Architecture is in pursuit of advancing its engagement with furthering education. In this context, it is building up various prestigious initiatives with relevant role players to achieve this goal.



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