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BAS Application Procedure

Step 1

Complete the online Admission Application 

Step 2

After receiving confirmation from the Admission department on the outcome of your Admission Application, contact the Department to complete the Departmental Selection Process which include an Interview and Creative Portfolio (see details below for direct information)

For more information
Mr Jean-Pierre Basson
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 0415042244

Admission Requirements

1. English, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa (Home or First Language) >40%

2. Mathematics >55%

3. Admission Score 370 or higher

International applicants can find more information here national applicants can find more infromation here


Admissions will notify the prospective student if he/she meets the entry requirements to proceed to the second round of the application process.

The prospective student must book an interview date from the available dates which can be found in the BAS admission letter.

Creative Portfolio

On the day of interview, students must present a Creative Portfolio.

The quality of the portfolio should be graphic, creative, professional and is to be entirely the student's own work.

Creative Portfolio Requirements:

1. Write-Up

2. Drawings

3. Mapping

4. Creative Ability 

5. 3D Thinking 

Add-on Creative Works

Detailed information regarding the requirements can be found in the BAS admission letter below.

Full creative portfolio requirements can be found under the BAS admission block below. 

The first degree is a three year Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS). Once you have the BAS degree, should you decide not to proceed further, and once you have complied with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession’s (SACAP) practical training requirements, you can register as an Architectural Technologist.

Apply Online

Find out more about applying at Nelson Mandela University.

More Info

BAS Admission

For a detailed list of admission requirements, portfolio requirements and interview dates. Please note that succesful applicants will be notified by the Admission Officer by email to make a booking for the interview. Both national and international applicants must undergo an interview. National applicants information is available here, international applicants information is available here