BAS Application Procedure

Step 1

Complete the online Admission Application (click here)

Step 2

After receiving confirmation from the Admission department on the outcome of your Admission Application, contact the Department to complete the Departmental Selection Process which include the submission of a Creative Portfolio and and Interview.

For more information
Mr Jean-Pierre Basson
Head of Department: Architecture; Senior Lecturer
Tel: 0415042244

What do you need?

Step 1: Understand the Admission Requirements

Before you dive into this inspiring field, it's essential to ensure you meet the admission requirements:

  • Minimum NSC Statutory Requirements: You must fulfil the minimum National Senior Certificate (NSC) statutory requirements for degree entry.
  • Mathematics Proficiency: If you've tackled NSC Grade 12 Mathematics, you'll need a minimum Applicant Score of 370. Additionally, you should have achieved a Mathematics achievement rating of at least 55%.
  • Departmental Selection: Keep in mind that admission is subject to departmental selection. While meeting the basic requirements is crucial, your passion for architecture and dedication to this field may also play a significant role in the selection process.

Step 2: Prepare for Success

Now that you understand the requirements, it's time to prepare for success:

  • Excel in Your Current Studies: Make sure your grade 12 performance, especially in Mathematics, is top-notch. This will help you meet the minimum requirements and set you up for a strong foundation in architectural studies.
  • Explore Your Passion: Take some time to explore your interest in architecture. Visit architectural marvels, engage in design projects, and familiarise yourself with architectural concepts and trends.
  • Gather Your Documents: As you approach your application, ensure you have all the necessary documents, including your NSC results, Mathematics proficiency evidence, and any other required paperwork.



Creative Portfolio

With your interview slot secured, it's time to focus on creating a standout portfolio that reflects your passion and creativity in architecture. Here are some pointers before we look at the requirements:

  • Portfolio Creation: Prepare a portfolio that highlights your interest in architecture. Include sketches, design projects, or any creative work demonstrating your enthusiasm for the field.
  • Organisation: Organise your portfolio neatly and thoughtfully. Arrange your work in a way that tells a story about your artistic journey and showcases your skills and unique perspective.
  • Attention to Detail: Pay close attention to the details in your portfolio. Ensure that your work is presented in a visually appealing and professional manner.
  • Reflect Your Passion: Your portfolio reflects your passion for architecture. Be sure to include pieces that not only display your technical abilities but also convey your dedication to this exciting discipline.

Your portfolio will be a key part of your application and a testament to your commitment to the world of architecture. It's your opportunity to demonstrate your creative potential and leave a lasting impression as you embark on this remarkable academic journey.

Please note, the detail portfolio requirement document will be given to the applicant once applied. 


After submitting your portfolio, the panel will thoroughly review it. Based on this evaluation, you will receive one of the following three outcomes:

  • Unsuccessful: If the panel determines that the portfolio does not meet the required criteria, you will be notified that your application was unsuccessful based on the portfolio submitted.
  • Interview Required: If your portfolio shows promise but requires further evaluation, you will be invited to attend an interview on the date you selected during the booking process.
  • Successful: If the panel finds your portfolio exceptional and meets the necessary standards, you will be notified that your application was successful based on the portfolio received.

Please note that candidates who receive either an unsuccessful or successful outcome based on their portfolios will automatically cancel their interviews, as interviews are not required in these cases.

Please note, the interviews will take place in a MS Teams. More information will be given once the applicant applied.

The first degree is a three year Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS). Once you have the BAS degree, should you decide not to proceed further, and once you have complied with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession’s (SACAP) practical training requirements, you can register as an Architectural Technologist.


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