Renato Rizzi is associate Professor Architectural Theory and Design, University IUAV, Venice.

He has worked with Peter Eisenman for ten years in New York, before returning to teach and practice in Italy.

Architect and Theoretician his notable projects include the Sport’s Area in Trento (Italy), the Futuristic Museum, and Depero’s House, in Rovereto (Italy). Currently he’s busy completing the Elizabethan Theatre in Gdansk, Poland.

In 2008 he received the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture for “The Past Renovation”.

His latest books are: John Hejduk, “Incarnatio” (2010); “L’Inscalfibile” (2011) and “Parma inattesa” (2013). “Il Daimon di Architettura”, in three volumes, will be published next Spring: Theoria, I; Manuale, II; Parva Mundi, III.

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