EMMANUEL ADVICE CARE CENTRE (EACC): “a registered Non-Profit Organisation located in Kwa Noxolo in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The EACC was established in 2001 emerging in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic within our community. In our work to support adults and children with HIV and AIDS we run a community crèche and have a team of five caregivers. Over the years we expanded services to include the homebound sick and disabled. A monthly support group was developed to assist and educate the members of our community in health and nutrition. To further support the community a space has been provided for A Drop in Centre where social workers and nurses from SASSA can meet centrally and privately with individuals in need”. 
This project to be undertaken by the design studio proposes to engage with EACC, in the second semster 2019, for the design of a new facility to replace existing temporarty buildings and will house the activities currently undertaken by the care centre. This includes assisting HIV/AIDS patients, an early childhood development centre and a feeding programme which assists over 200 people bi-weekly. The proposed designs will produce documentation in the form of architectural models and drawings, and a basic costing, which will help the EACC to pursue further funding.