“A quest to be of service to society through

our core business of teaching and learning, research and engagement”. 

Nelson Mandela University Case for Change 2019

STUDIO MAKE is the the 2nd year BAS undergraduate Design Studio at the Nelson Mandela University School of Architecture and looks to engage with the greater community through projects which have been designed and built by students; engagements with community for design documentation for fundraising purposes; and exhibitions. 

The teaching and learning project in the studio is structured by the core theme of MAKING - engaging with the tectonics of architecture as an expressive and technical undertaking. As an expressive endeavour, the studio explores architecture which is rooted in formal abstraction and finds its expression through its technolgy, to poetic and meaningful affect. As a technical endeavour, the studio aims to develop students’ formal dexterity and abitlity to understand the translation from concept to technology, and from architectural representation to constructed artefact.    

In its highest ambitions the second year design studio aims to be a holistic platform that integrates teaching/learning, engagement, and as a social agency, the production of “useful” and relevant product that generates formal creative research and affords additional architectural facility to communities of economic scarcity. With these intentions the course adopts an experiential and critical pedagogical approach in the aim of making a humanising learning environment that is situated, critical and inclusive. In its full complexity the course is an opportunity for students to engage collaboratively, under professional guidance, with real construction and materials, and an authentic project context - underpinned by a socially sympathetic cause and real-world ethical responsibility.

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