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Step 1: Online Nelson Mandela University Admission Application

Step 2: Departmental Selection by means of Portfolio

Mr Jean-Pierre Basson
Senior Lecturer
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Requirements for entrance to the M.Arch. (Prof) programme

Applicants with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University with a minimum of 60% marks in Design AA313 module will be granted admission into the M.Arch. (Prof) programme.

Candidates who do not comply with this requirement may be admitted if they have, inter alia


Obtained BAS degree or equivalent from another university (National or International) with a design mark of minimum 60% for third year design module.


These applicants must apply with a portfolio of works. The details are as follows:


  1. A portfolio of works representative of all three years of the BAS degree, with emphasis on the third year of design along with works if any, done in professional architectural offices.
  1. Certified copies of academic record.
  1. A resume/CV.
  1. Letters of recommendation.
  1. A letter clearly stating the intent in studying MArch (Prof) programme.

A digital copy of the portfolio should be uploaded online (eg. on dropbox or google drive), with a link to the file sent to the HOD: Department of Architecture, and to be kept online until the selection process is complete. Along with this, applicants can deliver a hard copy of the full portfolio to the Secretary, Department of Architecture. The portfolio should reach the department before 28 October 2016.

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Candidates who do not comply with this requirement may be admitted if they have, inter alia


Obtained BAS degree from Nelson Mandela University with Design AA313 module with marks between 50% to 59%

Completed at least one year of professional work with a firm of architects


The applicant must apply for admission to the admission office of the University. Applicants should present a portfolio of works during the November portfolio examination. The detailed requirements of the portfolio are as follows:

  1. A portfolio of works handled at the professional architect's office.
  1. Present a design project from the current third year design studio approved by the studio master. The design should be presented from concept to detail, as per the project brief.
  1. A resume/CV
  1. Letters of recommendation from an employer.
  1. A letter clearly stating the  intent in studying MArch(Prof) Programme


The applicant must contact the third year studio master to obtain further assistance regarding the design project brief. The applicant should liaise with the Secretary, Department of Architecture to confirm their presence at the portfolio examination.

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M.Arch Application Process and Requirements