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Event location: Cape Recife Nature Reserve

Event date and time: 06/05/2017 08:00:00

The project “The way of water” is an international collective art performance that will take place contextually, at the same time, in different sea cities:  Brooklyn (US), Maputo (MZ), New Mexico (US), Port Elizabeth (RSA), Venice (IT), Zagreb (RSC).
The performances, in the different sea cities, will be documented with videos and photos that will be shown internationally in selected spaces as Universities and Art Galleries.

The scope of the artistic project is to bring attention to the fragile marine environment, threatened by pollution, excessive fishing, and irresponsible management of the coasts.

What is our role in maintaining necessary conditions for life on our planet?

 In South Africa, Port Elizabeth, the art performance is direct and coordinate by Dr. Magda Minguzzi,
coordinators of the KhoiKhoi community: Chief Margaret Coetzee and Chief Xam ≠ Gaob Maleiba.

Staff and students of NMU and the KhoiKhoi community of the Metropolitan Area of Port Elizabeth will collaborate together in this art performance.

The art performance will take place in

Cape Recife, Nature Reserve, the 06 of May, 8.00 to 8.30 am.

In this place it is possible to find the remains of the most ancient structure (construction) present in Port Elizabeth constructed by the Strandlopers: the fish traps.

For this reason, being there, is highly significant, in terms of heritage.

The art performance is composed of a KhoiKhoi ritual (done by the KhoiKhoi community) and a “general” ritual (done by the participants present at the art performance).

PARTECIPANTS: The “communities” or individuals that have an interest in the Ocean/Sea and that feel the urgency to preserve and restore it.

NMU, AEON Africa Earth Observatory Nerwork, ArtEc and Pine lodge support the project as well the Municipality and the Arts and Culture Department.

Please take note that the art performance “The way of water” will be recorded with video cameras, audio recorder and cameras. The material will be edited to obtain a short video that will be projected internationally in Art Galleries and Universities. The same will happen with the photos. If you wish to be part of this event, you automatically accept this condition.

The use of cell phone, video camera, photo camera are not allowed during the art performance.

No dogs allowed, no use of alcohol or state of inebriation.

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