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Boban Varghese B.Arch(Kerala) M.Des(IIT) MIARCH

Director: School of Architecture

Boban is an architect and industrial designer. He has special interests in sustainability and in general design. 


Andrew Palframan B.Build (UPE) B.Arch (UPE) M.EESI (KTH Stockholm)

Head of Department: Architecture

Andrew is an architect with good insight into architectural theory and many years of experience teaching design. He has travelled extensively in Europe and developed his research interest into the functioning of space, using Space Syntax approaches, whilst studying in Sweden. Andrew runs the 5th Year Design Studio.

Prof Gavin McLachlan B.Build B.Arch(UPE) M.Sc(TRP) (UPta) Pr.Arch(SA) MIARCH TRP(SA) MSAPI

Gavin is an architect and town planner. His research interests have included coastal development and architecture, architectural conservation and urban developmental issues on which he has published extensively. Gavin has traveled widely and presented numerous papers at international conferences. He also teaches Design,History and Urban Studies.


Stephen Lear B.Build B.Arch (UPE) Pr.Arch(SA) MIARCH F Assoc Arb H Dip Arb

Stephen is an architect and an experienced building industry arbitrator. His research interests include the conservation of natural systems and the use of indiginous planting in architectural developments, local history,building technology and marinas. He presents building construction modules and professional practice.


Ernst Struwig B.Arch (UCT) M.Arch (UCT) with an international university agreement between UCT and IUAV (University Institute of Architecture of Venice) Italy.

 Taught for more than 10 years studio work for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students at IUAV and participated in various international and national architecture competitions in Italy. Had 5 personal exhibitions in Italy on non-Architectural work and is co-founder of ME Architects.


John Andrews BAS MArch (Prof) (NMMU)

John is an architect who has particular interests in the making of the Urban Enviroment and the design process. He runs the 2nd Year Studio and presents Architectural Theory 2 and History of Architecture and Art 2.


  Magda Minguzzi,Phd in Architetectural Composition at     IUAV (University Institute of Architecture of Venice) Italy.         

 Magda is an Architect and an Artist. Since 2004 she has   taught Architectural Composition and Urbanism at IUAV  for fourth and final year students. In 2004-05 she formed part of the National (Italy) Research Group conducting a study on the accessibility to the historical city of Venice. She has participated in various International and National architecture competitions in Italy for which she received prizes. Her work and writing has been published in International and Italian books and magazines. She has exhibited                  her architectural and art work in Italy and South Africa and is co-founder of ME Architects.

Don Flint B.Build B.Arch (UPE) Pr.Arch(SA) MIARCH

Don is an award winning Architect with a number of awards for his buildings. He is also a talented musician and plays lead violinist in the EC Symphony Orchestra. Don runs the 1st Year Design Studio and presents Geometric Drawing, Specification and Site Surveying.                


Jean-Pierre Basson BAS M.Arch (Prof) NMMU  

JP is an architect who has particular interest in architectural representation and communication, using hand drawing techniques through to advanced computer graphics and combination of both exploring the concept of BIM. He is also interested in music and has completed his Licentiate Diploma in Recorder Music from Guildhall Trinity College of London. He is responsible for 2nd year Architectural Presentation Techniques and 2nd to 4th year computer usage courses.


Barry Bradley B.Build B.Arch (UPE) Pr.Arch(SA)

Barry is an architect. His speciality is construction technology. He is responsible for the 2nd and 3rd year Building Science (Detail Design and Construction) and assists in the 2nd year Design Studio.



The Department also includes a number of part-time lecturing staff:

  • Geoff Coombe-Davis B.Build B.Arch Pr.Arch MIARCH

The Department’s support staff include:

  • Secretary - Lourine Smith
  • Jacqui Hoon - Data Centre
  • Mieta Jansen - Tea Lady



Contact information
Ms Lourine Smith
School Secretary
Tel: +27 41 5042719